Sales Brokerage Every situation is unique. At Marvin Appraisal Group, we don't take the cookie cutter approach to selling personal property on behalf of estates and private collectors. Whether or not an appraisal report is prepared, we can provide invaluable personal property brokering services to estate professionals and beneficiaries. When tangible personal property is involved, be it one item or an entire estate, allow us to bring your fine objects to the proper marketplace. Our decades of experience will work for you in placing your items in the best possible sale environment. Our knowledge of both the South Florida and National market gives us the advantage when assessing the resale potential of all forms of tangible personal property. We will use our expertise to evaluate the objects and formulate a plan that includes the most efficient and yet most beneficial manner in which the sale goods are sold. Marvin Appraisal Group may utilize on-site private sales for large groups of property, in-office sales for jewelry and fine objects, in addition to brokering material through national and international auction markets. We generally charge a flat rate commission that is inclusive of all expenses with no hidden fees or unexpected charges. This simple, no additional fees approach to selling makes final reconciliation refreshingly easy for you, the estate professional or beneficiary.
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Rates & Fees
Fees are charged on and hourly basis and rates differ depending on the task. Please contact us for our current fee schedule.
On-Site Inspection: The time necessary for the Appraiser to examine, evaluate and inventory all items that will be included in the Report.
Research: The time necessary for the Appraiser to identify marks and labels, verify dates, consult experts, and research values of the items to be included in the Report.
Report Preparation: Involves the typing, assembly, and printing of the report and photographs.
Consultation: The time necessary for the Appraiser to examine, evaluate, and express an informed opinion of current value, condition, restoration possibilities, marketability, etc. A consultation is NOT an appraisal and should not be construed as such.
Expert Witness: The time actively waiting, or testifying in defense of the Appraiser's valuation conclusions.
Sales: Commission basis.