The Legal Community

We provide lawyers and their clients with accurately valued appraisal reports primarily in the areas of estate planning and family law. In dissolution of marriage appraisals, we may be asked to defend our appraisals in a court of law. We are careful to prepare detailed and thorough inventories while maintaining our impartiality.

In estate planning, a written appraisal report is essential for determining the value of personal property and will assist owners in asset management, estate tax, gift tax, and equitable distribution. Estate appraisals are generally needed for probate, estate tax filing and equitable distribution.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Trust officers, wealth managers and accountants responsible for settling estates will utilize personal property appraisals to identify and value tangible assets in a decedent’s estate. Information contained in appraisal reports is necessary for estate tax return form 706, to document assets for probate and to provide beneficiaries with values for equitable distribution.


Owners of valuable fine art, antiques and collectibles will need a qualified appraiser to provide written documentation and valuation in to acquire insurance coverage.  Others are interested in finding out current market value in order to make informed decisions regarding the selling of their personal property.

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