Auctions We are your knowledgeable conduit to the auction world. At Marvin Appraisal Group, we realize how important the auction industry is to the market. Among our staff members we have almost fifty years of field experience in the auction business working throughout the United States. As such, we know exactly where to send choice works of art and other important items to maximize their sale potential to everyone’s benefit. The auction process can be difficult to navigate. Not every auction house will be right for you or the property that you are presenting. A low commission doesn’t always mean you will achieve the best results and each regional auction house has it’s own tastes and strengths. The process is designed to be simple for you. On your behalf, we approach the best and most appropriate auction houses in the United States for your property. We determine the best fit for your collection and negotiate all the terms with the selected auction firm. We handle all shipping, insurance and administrative coordination with the auction facility including the eventual payment after the auction is completed. We deduct a pre-determined flat commission and send a reconciliation report with payment for the sale proceeds. Let our experience and connections in the auction industry work for you.
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Rates & Fees
Fees are charged on and hourly basis and rates differ depending on the task. Please contact us for our current fee schedule.
On-Site Inspection: The time necessary for the Appraiser to examine, evaluate and inventory all items that will be included in the Report.
Research: The time necessary for the Appraiser to identify marks and labels, verify dates, consult experts, and research values of the items to be included in the Report.
Report Preparation: Involves the typing, assembly, and printing of the report and photographs.
Consultation: The time necessary for the Appraiser to examine, evaluate, and express an informed opinion of current value, condition, restoration possibilities, marketability, etc. A consultation is NOT an appraisal and should not be construed as such.
Expert Witness: The time actively waiting, or testifying in defense of the Appraiser's valuation conclusions.
Sales: Commission basis.